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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ultimate Mission Statement

I believe this blog is nothing like anything before. This blog is a chance to understand the automotive industry better. To many, the automotive industry is a dark world. Buying a car is very intimidating. Entrusting your money in a salesman you have never met and trusting him to sell you a vehicle costing $30,000, $60,000, maybe more can be very intimidating. Once you have bought your car you now are trusting a service advisor to rely on a mechanic (Who you may never even see, let alone meet) to fix your car in a efficient and proper manner. You then trust a body shop or detail shop for paint and bodywork. Then you try to sell your car to someone else you've never met. You let him test drive it, you don t even know if he has money, and you don't know if he even has a drivers license! The fees, the insurance, the taxes... everything is foreign to you. All this just to do it all over again!!!

This Blog is for anyone to discuss buying, selling, servicing, repairing, detailing. Your ultimate free automtive online broker maybe... But more...
Any question, opinion, experience, information should and will be discussed right here.

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