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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

About the Host

To give a better idea about this blog it should be important to know who is hosting your questions and comments.

I have over 10 years experience directly in the automotive experience. Before I even had my drivers license I was a car fanatic. I read Motor Trend, Car and Driver, European car and more and more as new publishings came out.

I am a certified automotive technician and have exerpience in many makes and models of cars, but the majority of my experience is in BMW, Mini and Audi. Of course I have much experience in Honda, Toyota, Jeep, Ford, Kia and other brands. I have worked in many of the positions in a major dealership. Lot attendant, customer shuttle, car washer, detailer, paint restoration, apprentice technician, certified mechanic/technician and have experience in the buying and selling of vehicles as well as racing and tuning in the automotive aftermarket. I have also built and tuned my own personal vehicles for car shows and racing. Yes, I get dirty for a living... but hey, thats part of the fun right?

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