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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to the Ultimate Automotive Blog Spot !!!

I want to personnally welcome everyone to the Ultimate Automotive Blog Spot. This is a blog for everyone. I mean everyone. If you own a car, like cars, drive cars, work on cars, have cars as a hobby, work in the automotive trade or sector or even HATE cars this site is for YOU !

Cars are always in the news. You see the new models come and you got to have it. The style, technology, stance, power, sound, paint. Even the smell of that fresh leather, that new car smell.... There is something for all the senses. Cars are also always getting "greener". The modern gasoline internal combustion engine is more powerful and more efficient than ever. Emissions equipment and electronics keep pollution to the very minimum. The future of the automobile looks brighter than ever.

As an experienced automotive technician I have seen all corners of the automotive world. Technology, mechanics, service and repair, paint restoration, even sales... buying and selling.
This blog is for everyone. Young and old. Your questions, comments, experiences, opinions are all welcome GOOD OR BAD. So please blog away !!!!

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