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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Product review: DEI Silicone ceramic coating

Doing all of my own tuning I have come across a lot of different products. Ones I like to use and some that were not so good. 1 product I have used on more than one occasion is the ceramic silicone coating from DEI. This is a product I really like for many reasons and we will get to that.

DEI is a company that makes basically specialty products for racing and tuning. From what I remember previously they had specialized in American cars but now they are becoming more universal. Companies like this are excellent because often times they carry a product that no one else does. Trying to make your tuning setup perfect is always a challenge and companies like this can make your setup very unique even if you only purchase 1 product.

I have used many other products for exhaust and heat control. This is very important when running a high performance setup and extremely important when dealing with turbo charged engines. The heat generated by turbocharging is immense and must be controlled. No exhaust treatment/paint/coating has worked as well as the DEI Hi-Temp silicone coating.

The first reason I like this product is that it is cost friendly. You can coat an entire exhaust system and can easily get 2 or 3 durable layers if not more in just 1 can. I think the last can I bought cost $14cdn at Lordco. The second reason I like this product is no primer. You prep the material you want to coat and you apply as needed. The coating will bond effectively to iron, steel or mild stainless steel and cure extremely well after being heated by the exhaust. It seems the hotter the exhaust setup you have the better it cures. Once it has cured you can literally hit the piece with a hammer and you will not chip it. It is very durable and hard yet not brittle and flexible enough to not chip from impact. You can also apply a high temperature clear coat over top to give the coating a semi gloss look as well but it must be high temperature or it will darken from excess heat. I have only ever used the aluminium colour and it gives a nice "soft touch" look.
Another reason I like this product is it will provide excellent rust proofing to your exhaust or bare metal parts. A 14 dollar can of coating can extend the life of your exhaust thus paying for itself. Plus the look of a soft touch aluminium exhaust looks a lot better than a rusted, corroded exhaust or metal part.

I applied this coating an A4 with an OEM exhaust manifold and an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust. After coating the manifold and down pipe from the turbo there was a huge difference in the volume of heat under the hood. I have seen the car many times and the coating still looks brand new. Because the coating silicone ceramic it is resistent to fluids like oil and coolant that would otherwise damage a bare ceramic coating. The product claims to keep heat in the exhaust and transfer it out the system. By coating the inside of the manifold it protects the entire unit from heat damage. As cast iron gets older it becomes hard and brittle and can then crack. By coating this manifold I do not see there being a problem from excess heat and moisture exposure that could cause rusting. Also the more layers of product you apply the more protection and heat control you have. This is sometimes not true with spray can paint as the more layers you apply the more prone to chipping they are.

Even though I have only used this product for higher performance vehicles it can be used on daily drivers. Coating exhausts and heat shields beside coolant tanks and A/C lines that can be damaged by heat exposure and time can increase the life of these parts. The less parts and labours you have to pay for over the life of the car makes your car more profitable. Plus it leaves a much nicer appearance appearance that increases value as well profitable.

 The next time you need a paint but with some function and heat protection I highly recommend this product. It is so easy to use and saves time and money. Plus with excellent durability and good looks this product is a winner


  1. I'd be interested to hear more about this. How long does it last? Do you have to spray this on your exhaust manifolds often? Any side effects? One of my other cars is mid-engined and the exhaust headers get very hot when driven hard.

  2. Hey Ken,
    I have had my turbo manifold coated for 2 summers now and not any problems at all. No discolouring or chipping. Still looks brand new and I have washed the engine many times with a pressure washer and soft chemicals. Please follow me with Google friend Connect and then I can Email you a pic of the Manifold from just a week ago. I think you will be impressed with the product when you use it.

  3. This Shopping Reviews is very important when running a high performance setup and extremely important when dealing with turbo charged engines.
    The first reason I like this product is that it is cost friendly so you engine many tine with a pleasure.